Welcome to Chronicles of a Content Queen

Welcome to my blog, Chronicles of a Content Queen. If you’ve known me for a while, then you know that this isn’t my first blog. In fact, it’s my fourth personal blog. I started publishing my thoughts on the internet back in 2012 called Stylenomics 101 (it was my first and last attempt at fashion blogging). After I realized I wasn’t cut out for fashion blogging, I started my portfolio website, which eventually developed into a blog. Then, I started Life is Like a Greek Cup of Coffee, which documented my life and experiences throughout college.

I haven’t blogged since Greek Coffee and boy do I miss it! I miss sharing my opinions with anyone out there who will read it. Hence, why I created Chronicles of a Content Queen as my newest passion project.

Yes, I know the name “content queen” sounds a little bit pretentious. It started off as somewhat of an inside joke — my mom got me a shirt that said “content queen” with a crown on it as a Thompson Reuters swag item at a conference years ago. And then it just stuck. Now, my team at work (of all women, I might add) joke that we are the company’s “content queens”. It’s the 21st century. Content is no longer king, but queen.

So that’s how I decided on the name. As the name suggests, it will be all about content—books, podcasts, photos, writing, stories. You name it, and you will find it here. Content is one of my greatest passions, and I can’t wait to share that passion with you all.

A little more about me:

  • By day, I work as a marketing content specialist at a Silicon Valley technology company
  • I’m currently in grad school, getting an M.S. in Marketing with an emphasis in Brand Communication in the Digital Era
  • I live in Denver, Colorado
  • I am the proud founder and CEO of Bright Eyes Creative, a creative consulting firm (seriously, feel free to reach out!)
  • I am a very proud Greek American
  • When I am not working, I’m usually binge watching a new TV show, rewatching a movie, reading, handlettering, and planning
  • In addition to this blog, I have a YouTube channel by the same name, and a podcast I do with my sister called Badassery
  • I LOVE traveling. I’ve been almost everywhere domestically and now starting to conquer all the international destinations on my bucket list
  • I am an avid home cook and baker, always looking to try new things. Also, I’m obsessed with Trader Joe’s
  • I am a self-proclaimed stationery addict. Don’t ask me how many pens I own…
  • Being a writer, I am definitely a grammar Nazi

Anything else you want to know you will definitely find out through my blog, YouTube channel, social media, and my podcast.

So go ahead, follow my social media, subscribe to my blog, and keep a lookout for new posts several times a week! And don’t forget to comment down below for anything you want to know or would like me to feature.


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