My Fall 2019 TV Picks

It’s no secret that I am a TV fanatic! At any given time, I am checking out a new show (or rewatching one of my all-time favorites!). That said, I always look forward to the fall TV season to see what new shows I’m going to become obsessed with and which of my old favorites are coming back for another season. Seriously, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Let’s dive into what new shows I’m loving this season and which of my favorites are back.

Almost Family // FOX // Wednesday, 10 PM EST

Emily Osment and Brittany Snow star in this drama that chronicles a fertility doctor who uses his own sperm to conceive over 100 children over the course of his career. The show follows Julia Bechley (Snow) as she reunites with two of her half siblings played by Osment and Megalyn Echikunwoke.

Perfect Harmony // NBC // Thursday, 9:30 PM EST

This comedy follows former Princeton music director Arthur Cochran (Bradley Whitford), who returns to his wife’s hometown after she passes away and stumbles upon the church’s choir whom he helps turn around. Former “Pitch Perfect” start Anna Camp stars.

Grey’s Anatomy // ABC // Thursday, 9 PM EST

How to Get Away with Murder // ABC // Thursday, 11 PM EST

Legacies // CW // Thursday, 11 PM EST

Riverdale // CW // Wednesday, 10 PM EST

This is Us // NBC // Tuesday, 10 PM EST

Single Parents // ABC // Wednesday, 10:30 PM EST

Dynasty // CW // Friday, 11 PM EST

Fresh of the Boat // ABC // Friday, 9:30 EST

American Housewife // ABC // Friday, 9 PM EST

Modern Family // ABC // Wednesday, 10 PM EST

Superstore // NBC // Thursday, 9 PM EST

Anticipated Shows

Silicon Valley // HBO // Returns Oct. 27 at 10 PM EST

These are my picks for fall 2019 TV. As you can see, I keep up with a lot of shows! So if you are in the mood to try something new, give any of these a go β€” they definitely won’t disappoint!

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