ClassPass: My Thoughts

If I’m going to be completely honest, working out is not my favorite past time. I can think of a dozen other things I’d rather do than workout. But, since I started my corporate job, I’ve had a really tough time finding the motivation and incorporating consistent workouts into my weekly routine. So, that said, one of my goals this year was to get myself on a consistent workout routine. After hearing my co-workers rave about ClassPass, I thought I’d give it a chance myself.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, ClassPass is a monthly membership to over 20,000 fitness studios and gyms around the world. You essentially pay for a number of credits that you can use throughout the month to book studio classes. Each class is a certain number of credits, depending on the time, studio, and demand of the class.

I’ve been doing ClassPass since May and it’s been a great way to get me motivated to workout a few times a week. During the summer when I was out of school, I could do about three classes a week, but right now I’m sustaining about two per week. My personal favorite types of classes are pilates, boxing, and cycling.

ClassPass isn’t for everyone, and it certainly does come with its pros and cons. I’d like to cover a few of those in this post, especially if you are considering purchasing ClassPass.


  • Bang for your buck. Depending on what city you live in (I’m in Denver), ClassPass is rather inexpensive for what you get. I was paying about $60, and I had over 30 credits, which got me a max of eight classes. And when a class on average is from $15-$20, it’s a pretty good deal.
  • Variety of options. ClassPass has a number of studios covering a range of workouts. You want yoga, pilates, barre, cycling, and more? Chances are its on there. What’s more is that there are a number of different studios in each of these workouts so you can shop around to see which studio you like.
  • Flexible times. No matter your busy schedule, you are sure to find a class that suites your schedule. It offers early morning, midday, and after work classes. And the more studios you consider, the wider range of times you have access to!
  • Understanding of first-timers. Most of the time, studios who are on ClassPass understand that the people joining their classes might be trying the studio or even the workout for the first time. They are super understanding and willing to help you make the most of your workout.


  • The monotony. One of the downsides to studio classes is that it can be the same setup and format time and time again. I’ve definitely experienced the feeling of monotony when it comes to the same workouts on ClassPass.
  • Limited areas. Another con of ClassPass is that it is only available in larger metropolitan, urban, or suburban areas. Fortunately, where I live, there are a bunch of studios in the area. But, for my friends who live in different parts of the state, ClassPass isn’t an option due to the lack of available studios.
  • Required equipment. Most of the time, you can get away with attending a class by just bringing yourself in proper athletic attire. But, there are a few types of classes, such as barre and boxing, that require you to purchase special equipment. I’ve taken classes where you need sticky socks and hand wraps. It’s a great investment if you plan on regularly attending these types of classes, but if you are looking to take it once, it’s not worth it.
  • Hard for first timers. Depending on the class you attend, it can be hard the first go-round. I’ve had plenty of classes that were a lot harder than I expected them to be, which in turn, made me not want to go back to the studio again.

Those are my thoughts on ClassPass. Overall, I think it’s a great way to start easing back into working out and if you want more options than just what you can get at the gym.

Do you use ClassPass?

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