What’s on My Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving week is upon us, which means a lot of cooking, eating, shopping, and family time! I personally love Thanksgiving because some of my favorite foods are on my family’s Thanksgiving menu. What’s cool about Thanksgiving, is that you have your “staple” menu, but every family has their own variations and additional dishes they like to cook year after year.

That said, I thought it would be fun to share what’s on my family’s Thanksgiving menu this year.


We definitely do a traditional Thanksgiving at our house, which means lots of turkey. Depending on how many people we are feeding depends on how large of a turkey we get. Last year, my sister and I found this recipe for “the world’s simplest Thanksgiving turkey” and it turned out perfectly!

Mashed Potatoes

Again, another staple in our house. I’m always the one to peel the potatoes for Thanksgiving (one year I must’ve peeled like five pounds of potatoes). We always do homemade mashed potatoes, which are so simple and delicious. We tend to make ours creamier with lots of milk/cream, butter, and sour cream.


My absolute favorite Thanksgiving side dish is stuffing. We don’t put ours inside of the bird, but rather have it on the side. We make it rather traditionally, using the pre-packaged mix with onion, celery, and carrots. Sometimes we add in apples or sausage for additional flavor, but it’s up to whatever we’re feeling that year.


For years, I didn’t really love the yams we had on our menu. Yams are very similar to sweet potatoes except for a few physical characteristics, such as a tougher skin and potato. Recently, I’ve been adding a couple to my plate each year because the way we make them are great. We make ours with butter and cinnamon and put them in the oven.

Cranberry Sauce

Again, a very traditional Thanksgiving dish. We do a semi-homemade cranberry sauce that was a recipe we adopted from a family friend, where we take a canned or jarred version and spice it up with orange, raisins, and other delicious fall ingredients. It was something else I didn’t like for years, so last year I tried it for the first time and fell in love with the flavor! It wasn’t too tart or too sweet, but just right!

Broccoli Carrot Casserole

This is our one casserole that we have on our menu and it’s delicious! This was another recipe we adopted from a family friend. It’s essentially carrots, broccoli, Ritz crackers, and cheese all put together and baked. It’s one of my absolute favorite dishes we have on our menu.

Apple Crisp

We always make apple pie for Thanksgiving, but this year, we are going to go with apple crisp. It’s essentially the same filling as the apple pie except without the crust. We aren’t big on the crust, so we just decided to nix it this year.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is always on our menu for Thanksgiving. We always make the one on the back of the Libby’s canned pumpkin cans. It’s absolutely foolproof and very delicious! I’m not a pie person in general, but I will have my annual piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

So that’s everything that is going to be on my Thanksgiving menu! I can’t wait to cook and eat it all!

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