Holiday Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List

We are in the midst of the holiday season and as I’m writing this, we are about two weeks away from Christmas. Where on earth did this year go?!

One of the most stressful holiday activities for most of us is gift shopping. Whether we are too busy to make it to the mall or known for procrastinating until December 20, holiday, you can still give great quality gifts just in time for Christmas.

But before I dive into the gift ideas, let me give you some of my best overall holiday shopping tips:

  • If possible, ship gifts directly to your recipients. I don’t know about you, but I avoid the post office like the plague this time of year. Skip the lines and instead ship your gift directly to your recipient if you are ordering something online. You may or may not get it gift wrapped depending on who you purchase from but its 100 percent worth it.
  • Take advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. If you have your stuff together in time for Black Friday, I highly suggest taking advantage of the sales. Not only can you enjoy it from the comfort of your own home, if your packages take a while to ship, they will still get to your just in time for Christmas.
  • If possible, do your shopping on weeknights instead of weekends. After running errands this past weekend, I’m reminded as to why I don’t like to run errands on the weekend, especially during the holiday season. As weird as it sounds, shopping during rush hour is the best time to go to high-traffic places such as the mall since everyone else is on their way home.

Let’s get into the gift guide! Here are some of my favorite gifts to give:

  • Books. I absolutely love giving books as gifts. I made a huge run to Barnes & Noble last week and spent way too much on books as gifts for friends and family. No matter a person’s interest, you are likely to find a book on that interest. Plus, it’s fun to see how well you know your recipients!
  • Experiences. I love giving experiences as gifts, whether its concert tickets, a wine tasting, or anything else my friends and I can do together. Not going to lie, a few of these made their way to my gift giving plan. Groupon is a great place to purchase experiences at a fraction of the cost.
  • Art. Art prints are another one of my favorite things to give as gifts. If you know your recipient really well, you can purchase a print that would go perfectly in their space. Just add an inexpensive frame and you have a great, personal gift.
  • Photos. Going along with art, I love giving some sort of photo gift. Whether it’s a framed photo or a photo memory book, they make great gifts for anyone to put in their space so they think of you whenever they look at it.
  • Personalized gifts. These are my new favorite category of gifts. If you read my Black Friday purchases post, I mentioned stumbling upon Mark & Graham, who specializes in personalized gifts. I purchased a few of these items for a few friends and I’m very impressed with the price and quality of these items. Perfect for a couple or a person who wants to add some flair to their everyday items.

These are my gift suggestions this holiday season (or anytime of the year). They are easy, widely accessible, and shows that you put a little effort in your gift giving.

What are your go-to gifts?

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