My Grown-up Christmas List

When you get into your 20s, your Christmas list significantly dwindles. We want less and everything that we do want, we have the ability to buy on our own. And anything we do want is more practical, mostly goods for our homes. If not things, then it’s experiences that we want. The older we get, the more valuable our time becomes.

So in this post, I thought I’d share what’s on my grown-up Christmas list this year.

A New Toiletry Case // $26

I’ve been using the same toiletry case from Vera Bradley since I think I was about 16 years old. And with a slew of upcoming travel, I need something that has more space so I can keep all of my toiletries in one place without having multiple bags.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Fragrant Water Spray // $44

I got a sample of this perfume at a pharmacy when I was in Paris last year and loved it! I finally used it all up and have been meaning to get a full-sized bottle of it. I love asking for perfume as gifts, especially since it’s not something I usually buy for myself.

Apple AirPods Pro // $250

Now, these are a stretch, but I thought I would add them to my list. To be honest, I’ve been skeptical of AirPods. I’ve always thought of them as a more expensive version of the same headphones you get in the box with your new iPhone. But, when I saw the new Pro version, I was intrigued by the noise cancelling feature and wanted to add them to my tech stack.

Allbirds sneakers // $99

I have heard so many good reviews about Allbirds, both from influencers and from people I know. I’m always on the hunt for good travel shoes, especially ones that are comfortable to walk 30,000 steps in. Since I have a big year of travel ahead, I thought these would be a good addition to my shoe collection.

Pampered Chef Mix & Chop // $15

I’ve seen so many of my favorite vloggers share this kitchen tool in their YouTube videos, and I definitely want one to add to my kitchen collection! It’s a great tool that is supposed to finely chop your ground meat as you cook it and even shred your chicken after its cooked. It’s every cook’s dream tool!

Breville Nespresso machine // $120

I don’t spend a lot of money on coffee—I prefer to bring it from home. Lately, I’ve been really into making lattes. I bought a milk frother to do a cafe au lait situation, but I really want an espresso machine to make a proper latte.

The New Yorker Daily Desk Calendar // $14

Anyone else love The New Yorker cartoons? I found this awesome desk calendar for my cube at work that has daily cartoons from The New Yorker. I have a feeling it’s going to be my favorite thing to flip through everyday!

Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne // $70

I came across this scent when I was shopping in a few Jo Malone duty-free shops in some of the airports on my trip to Asia earlier this year. After smelling several scents, I came across the Earl Grey & Cucumber scent and immediately fell in love. Needless to say, it’s been on my wishlist ever since.


I love giving and receiving books as gifts! Here are a few on my list that I’ve been pining for:

  • “Catch and Kill” by Roman Farrow
  • “Bad Blood” by John Carreyou
  • “The Last Tycoon” by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • “Elder Sergei of Vanves: Life and Teachings”
  • “Circe” by Madeline Miller

So that’s everything on my grown-up Christmas list this year. What are some of the items on your wishlist?

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