My 2020 Goals

I am a huge goal setter. Each year, I have buckets of categories to which I set goals for. This year is no different. With the help of my PowerSheets, I have created my eight goals for 2020. Of course, all of these will have subgoals throughout the year, but I thought it would be good to start with the overarching categories, and hopefully these inspire you if you are in the process of goal setting yourself.

Create a life-giving home

My space is important to me and this year, I want to maximize it the best that I can. This means Kondoing the heck out of it, deep cleaning it, getting the right things in there, and leveraging it for entertaining purposes. I’m excited to really focus on my space throughout the year to really have the form and function that I need to make it somewhere that I want to be.

Take control of my finances

Controlling my finances has been an on-going struggle, especially to save money! This goal is going to focus on reducing spending, saving, and spending smartly. The long-term goal is to set me up for my down payment and to get good money habits for down the road.

Make time for passion projects

Outside of work and school, there are a bunch of hobbies and passion projects that I love to do: handlettering, photography, blogging, podcasting, and graphic design. So my goal for this next year it to use my time wisely and really make time to work on these at least once a week.

Leverage Bright Eyes Creative for branding experience

Right now at work, I’m not able to gain the branding experience I need to set myself up for my career down the road. So, my dad suggested that I use my side hustle to gain that branding experience. I thought it was a great idea so that is going to be my main focus for 2020 when it comes to my business.

Grow spiritually and get closer with God

Religion is one of my big focus areas this year simply because I have not been great about it the last few years. My main focus for this goal is to go to church more regularly and bring faith into my day-to-day routine with readings and devotionals.

Establish routines

This has been on my mind for a while, so this year, I’m going to do it. I want more time in the mornings to get up leisurely, do some activities to get me in the right mindset for the day, and get ready for work without rushing. Same in the evening. Hence, creating routines. I’m excited to set up my ideal weeks and routines and consult some resources that will help me do that.

Prioritize physical and mental health

I’ve been doing a better job this last year of working out on a more consistent basis but I want to up the ante for 2020. I want to have a consistent schedule of when I go in addition to being better at meal prepping. I want to set designated days during the week to meal prep and stick to it. The last component is mental health, which means doing what I can to keep that strong such as journaling, self-care, and more.

Cultivate learning & development

This is my last goal for 2020 and probably the most important. I love learning and want to spend more time doing it. Instead of TV, I want to read more or listen to podcasts. This also means traveling, networking, and anything else that will help me have a more culturally-enriched life.

These are my goals for 2020. I hope you are feeling as inspired and motivated as I am to go forward into the new year!

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