Introducing: Badassery Podcast

In the las six months, I’ve become a big fan of listening to podcasts. Since I commute to grad school on the light rail, it’s the perfect opportunity to listen to one start to finish. The great thing about podcasting is that anyone can do it; all you need is a computer, a microphone, and an idea. So, I decided to start a podcast of my own.

Introducing Badassery, your go-to podcast for being your most badass self and the everyday people who are doing it.

I was inspired to start this podcast solely from the interaction I have on a daily basis with everyday people who are doing the most amazing things. They aren’t celebrities, influencers, or geniuses, but everyday people. They are my friends and colleagues and what they are doing pushes me to be better and to do more.

On this podcast, I’m planning on covering a series of topics to become your own badass such as overcoming fear, tips for staying motivated, maintaining creativity, and more. I also want to interview some of the people in my life who are doing incredible things so they can share their stories and journeys to hopefully inspire you.

This year, I’m really trying to experiment with new forms of media as opposed to just writing, so audio is something completely new to me. I’m excited to see where it goes and what will come of it.

Subscribe to Badassery on Spotify or Anchor (Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts coming soon!) and follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest updates and new episodes!

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