10 Netflix Original Series to Watch Now!

It’s no secret that I’m a big TV gal. I love watching (more like binging) new TV shows, especially ones on Netflix. Their original content is so good, better than some of the other streaming platforms out there. It covers a wide variety of genres so there is something for everyone. Anymore, what the networks are producing is just mediocre, so my list of ongoing TV shows that I keep up with seems to dwindle as the months go on. Instead, I’m turning more to Netflix for TV content.

In this post, I thought I would share some of my favorite Netflix Original Series that will hopefully inspire you to get out of any TV rut you might be in.

1// The Order

If you like supernatural TV shows, then you will love The Order. It follows the story of college freshman Jack Morton as he enters into the fabled secret society, The Order. Along the way, he uncovers family secrets and struggles with the power dynamic between werewolves and magical dark arts.

2// You

This series follows the story of Joe Goldberg who becomes relentless to win the heart of Beck and won’t stop until she is his. That includes taking out anything (or anyone) that might be in his way of losing her love.

3 // Queer Eye

I was late to the “Queer Eye” train, but once I started watching I became addicted! It follows five gay men, Jonathan, Karamo, Tan, Bobby, and Antoni, as they embark on a mission to makeover straight men (and women) across the country, giving them a brand new, positive outlook on life.

4 // Cheer

This a new show as of this year, following Navarro College on their way to the National Cheerleading Championship in Daytona, FL. If you are a fan of the “Bring It On” movies, then you will LOVE this TV show!

5 // The Circle

I finally got on “The Circle” bandwagon after hearing so much buzz for it online. It’s a reality competition show that follows eight people on their journey to becoming the most popular on a social media platform called The Circle. The catch: They can be whoever they want to be. Once I started, I became addicted.

6 // One Day at a Time

This sitcom was a remake of a show by the same name from decades past. It follows a Cuban-American family who lives in L.A. and their daily dynamic between work, school, and heritage.

7 // Formula One: Drive to Survive

As a F1 fan, I was so excited when this came out! It follows the 2018 F1 season and the dynamics between the teams and drivers on and off the track. And, the men aren’t bad looking in it either.

8 // Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

The term “Marie Kondoing” or “Konmari” really grew in popularity after the launch of this series. It follows Marie Kondo as she takes on some of the messiest homes in America, teaching the owners her method for decluttering by only keeping items that bring you joy.

9 // Merry, Happy, Whatever

Though holiday related, this was a great series to watch. It followed the story of a young woman who brings her boyfriend home to meet the family for the first time over the holidays. He forms an alliance with the in-laws, working to get her father’s approval to ask for her hand in marriage.

10 // Fuller House

A Netflix Original Series list wouldn’t be complete without “Fuller House”. This picks up right where the original show left off, with DJ and her kids moving back into the house after the death of her husband. All the original characters comeback, including Stephanie, Kimmy, Steve, Uncle Joey, Uncle Jesse, Danny, Becky, and more.

What are your favorite Netflix Original Series?

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