My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Another year, another round of Super Bowl commercials to judge. Other than the game and halftime show, I live for the commercials with my phone out ready to live-tweet my thoughts. And because branding is my thing, I take a special interest in the commercials for how they represent the products and brands advertised. 

I never watch the commercials ahead of the Super Bowl, even if they are released. I like to be surprised and see them when they air during the event. So in this post, I thought I would share the commercials that I loved. 

1 // Google 

One of my favorite commercials from the Super Bowl was Google’s commercial. The premise of the commercial is an 85-year-old man asking Google to help him remember his wife, Loretta. It was a tug at the heartstrings, really playing on emotional appeals. Let’s pour one out to Loretta, everyone. 

2 // Rocket Mortgage

I loved the story of this persona you really are at home. It starred Jason Momoa, who appeared to really be a skinny, bald guy at home. It was so funny because it really allowed the audience to poke fun at Momoa. And, though he is a dramatic actor, he killed it in the comedy department! 

3 // New York Life

This commercial was a highlight for me because it talked about the four types of love defined by the Greeks, philios, agape, eros, and storge. It defined the different types and how it relates to our relationships. You wouldn’t know it was a life insurance commercial when you saw it, which is what I love the most.  

4 // Turkish Airlines

Being a traveler, this commercial hit home for me. The impact that travel has and the exploration of the earth are why I love to do it in the first place. It encourages people to get out there and just explore and let Turkish Airlines be the one to take you there. 

5 // Porsche 

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a commercial from Porsche at the Super Bowl before. I loved the way this was executed because who doesn’t love a car chase/car heist with sports cars? It showcased the product and who the brand was flawless while being hilariously entertaining. 

6 // Facebook Groups

I read that this was the first year that Facebook did a commercial for the Super Bowl. I loved the concept of focusing on groups, as community marketing is a big digital marketing trend going forward. It showcases the power of connecting over common interests, which goes back to the core message of Facebook. 

7 // Microsoft 

Katie Sowers made history as the first gay, female coach at a Super Bowl for the 49ers. This commercial really empowers women by showing that she not only wants to be the best “female coach” but the “best coach”. It really nods at the concept of equality and what she represents.

8 // Amazon

The whole idea behind this commercial was what did people do before Amazon Alexa. It goes through time, where people would ask versions of “Alexa” for information. It was fun just to see this interpretation of this all-knowing person. Plus, with my name being Alexa, I loved seeing all the variations of my name! 

9 // Doritos 

Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot killed it in this Wild West dance-off to advertise Cool Ranch Doritos. It perfectly placed Lil Nas X’s song, “Old Town Road” with a fresh concept. Doritos never fails to disappoint with fresh marketing ideas. 

10 // Hyundai 

Bostonians Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and Rachel Dratch were the all-star cast behind this hilarious commercial about Hyundai’s smart park feature. They play up their Boston accents, which makes it that much funnier. It was a fresh, new take on a car commercial.  

11 // Budweiser 

Instead of flaunting the Clydesdales, the Budweiser commercial used the people drinking the beer as the stars. I think it was a good idea to take the everyday consumers of the product and showcase that in the commercial. I loved the message and think we need more of this in commercials. 

12 // Jeep 

In terms of timing, this commercial was so well placed. Super Bowl happened to fall on Groundhog Day, so what better than to have Bill Murray re-living every day as he did in his movie, “Groundhog Day”? He goes on an off-roading adventure in the new Jeep model, which makes it that much better. 

Bonus: Next 100

In honor of NFL’s 100th season, it put together this promo to kick off the game that followed a kid the game ball through all the different NFL cities and interacting with all the different players. The commercial came to real life as the kid came onto the field with the game ball and promoted the next 100 years of the NFL. The commercial was filmed in eight days and knocked it out of the park. 

What Super Bowl commercials resonated with you?

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