What Is Hygge and Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It?

For the last few years, a new lifestyle trend has been taking over the internet: hygge. Pronounced HOO-gah, hygge has a number of different meanings associated with it, such as “the art of creating intimacy” or “coziness of the soul”. But in essence, it is “the pursuit of everyday happiness and it’s basically like a hug, just without the physical touch.”

Hygge was an idea created by the Danes, and it should come to no surprise that Denmark is the world’s happiest country. The people are characterized by focusing on the small things that really matter, including spending more quality time with friends and family and enjoying the good things in life.

That reasoning alone is probably why it’s spread like wildfire here in the U.S. Being surrounded by so many distractions and things, we want to spend more time with friends and family, and focus on what is meaningful in our lives.

So how does one practice hygge? First off, it doesn’t require that you to minimize your belongings or spend a fortune on something you’re only going to use once. It can be achieved on a shoestring budget, which is essentially the whole point. But it’s rooted in one practice: enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

To start, maybe cook a favorite meal, cuddle up with a good cup of tea and a good book, or break out the board games. But before you do all of that, make sure you set up the perfect hygge environment, which includes candles, a cozy blanket, and loungewear. As for diet, nothing but comfort food and other indulgences that you might not otherwise consider eating on a daily basis. If you combine all of this with relaxing activities, you’ve achieved total hygge.

If I think to how I best like to spend my evenings on the weekend or days off, hygge is right up my alley. I like how it’s all about living in the present and spending time with yourself or with others. In such a chaotic and distracted era, I think we need to incorporate more of this in our lives. Hygge should bring us pure happiness because there isn’t pressure to do anything, be anywhere, or look a certain way. It’s all about enjoying the simple pleasures, and sometimes that’s all we need.

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