Resetting After a Trip

No matter how much you prepare ahead of time, there is still always a ton you have to do when you get home from a trip. Whether it’s cleaning, laundry, or grocery shopping, it takes a day or two to get back into the swing of your normal routine.

I’ve been on a number of trips in the last several years and after each one, I have a consistent routine when it comes to resetting. So, in today’s post, I thought I would share with you all what I usually do to reset after coming home from a trip.

Unpack as soon as you can

If I can, I like to unpack pretty soon after I get back just so it’s not sitting as a task on my to-do list all week. It helps a lot when I’m trying to get my life back in order. And most of the time, it takes less than an hour, as most of my stuff either ends up in the laundry or as a permanent fixture in my suitcase for my next trip (think toiletries).

Grocery shop & meal prep

Usually when I go on a trip, I like to leave with a pretty empty fridge, finishing up all of my groceries. So, the day after I get back, I usually go grocery shopping and spend some time meal prepping to get me set for the week.

Make a to-do list

I do this both at home and at work to organize everything I have to do when I get back from a trip. It acts as a sort of brain dump that helps me get all my thoughts on paper and figure out how to prioritize them.

Take a shower

Nothing is worse than feeling gross after coming off of a plane, especially after a long flight. Take a shower right when you get home. Not only will you feel refreshed, you will feel ready to tackle your list.

Do laundry

If you’ve accumulated a lot of dirty laundry from your trip, go ahead and put a load in when you get back. That way, it won’t be piling up and you won’t feel like you’re behind on it.

These are my tips for resetting after a trip. I hope that they help you after your next adventure!

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