Memory Keeping — Why It’s Worth Doing and How to Get Started

I love memory keeping. I love keeping random pieces of ephemera every month and assembling it scrapbook style to keep to look back on later. My mom was always very into scrapbooking when I was younger, so I watched her collect everything under the sun to possibly use in my scrapbook. This includes awards certificates, report cards, box scores, and more. I legitimately thought she was crazy…until I started doing it myself.

We took a lot of road trips growing up, and I started to find myself collecting tickets, brochures, business cards, and even napkins from all of the different places we visited. This continued on through high school and eventually to college. When I went to Greece (my first time to Europe), I knew I wanted to document it all. So during the trip, I collected everything I could then assembled it into a binder when I got home.

Fast forward to today, I make memory keeping a part of my monthly routine. Throughout the month, I collect pieces of ephemera and supplement with photos I take throughout the month. I personally use an Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner for memory keeping and I love it. I use the dashboard page before the monthly spread to collage photos and ephemera, the calendar spread for something I’m grateful for each day, and the lined pages after for additional memory keeping. If I go on a trip during that month, then I will make a spread during the month for it.

So why is memory keeping important? When you move out of your parent’s house, it’s really up to you to collect your memories. Your mom won’t be there to collect ephemera and make scrapbooks for you. If you want to keep stuff, it’s on you. I personally like to memory keep to look back on later, especially when I have a family. I think it’s important to document where you’ve been, the cool things you’ve done, and your thoughts about the whole experience.

That said, memory keeping is so easy to start. You just need a notebook, scissors, a pen, tape/adhesive, and of course, ephemera. It doesn’t have to be expensive or perfect but as long as you love what you’re creating, the rest doesn’t matter. If you want to go the photo album route or the scrapbook route, then do it. In the past, I’ve just used a journal, taping and pasting stuff into it. And seeing the bulk of it makes me smile.

I encourage you all to start memory keeping. I think it’s totally worth it in the long term and fun to do in the short term!

Happy crafting!

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