There Are No Rules for Working From Home

Working from home is nothing new for me; I’ve been doing it since I started working since my company has a pretty great working from home policy. So, on average, I work from home about twice a week. I also work as a content writer, so it’s crucial that I’m in an atmosphere that helps me get the creative juices flowing.

In light of current events, more and more people are working from home who have never had before. It’s a huge shift because you have more flexibility when you work from home. You don’t have to commute or get ready, you can just sit down and work. That said, there are a number of “best practices” being shared when it comes to working from home. And I don’t follow any of them.

People say you should put on clothing that you would normally put on if going to work. To me, that defeats the purpose. My advice is dress in whatever you’re comfortable in. For me, it’s usually loungewear. An old boss of mine once told me, “I don’t care where you are or what you wear as long as the work gets done” and that’s the motto I live by when I work from home.

Another is where in your home you work. Again, my advice is do what will make you the most productive. Being a writer, I can honestly work from anywhere because all I need is a laptop. And where I work depends on how I feel. I have a desk with a second monitor I can plug into if needed, a dining table, or my couch. I’ve worked from all different places equally as successfully. The key is being distraction free no matter where you work.

If you can’t work at home because of lack of workspace, pets, kids, roommates, or other distractions, go to a coffee shop. I don’t know what it is but going to a coffee shop skyrockets my productivity.

Common advice also recommends to establish set of hours when you work from home. I try to somewhat stick to this, but often am more flexible when I work from home. For example, if I take a lunch break or run errands throughout the day, I will work later than I normally would than if I was at the office. Take the opportunity to be more flexible in your schedule while you have the chance!

One of my best tips is to make sure you have all necessary communication channels available. Keep your email, messaging system, and phone on at all times in case someone needs to reach you, namely your boss. Responsiveness helps your boss trust that you are actually working instead of binging Netflix.

If it’s your first time working from home, don’t fret. There is no set of “rules” you have to follow; just do you!

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