My Second Quarter Goals

I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I approach goals over the last few weeks. For the most part, I like dividing my goals out to cover all of the different areas of my life, such as health/wellness, work/learning, spiritual, financial, etc. I’ve also been working to find a goal-setting system that works for me.

So far, I’m loving the MāksëLife Goal Setting planner as a way to make sure I’m working on the steps necessary to get my goals done each week. It’s also got a flexible layout so I can schedule my weeks how I need them. It’s only been a few weeks so I’m still getting the hang of the planner and experimenting with different layouts. In March, I didn’t really use my Power Sheets. Over the last quarter, I’ve been having a love-hate relationship with them. And I think I finally realized why: I was setting too many goals and being too ambitious. Hence, this last weekend, I pulled out my Power Sheets after watching PlanWitLaken’s video on her quarter two goals and decided to give them another shot.

I think breaking up my goals on a quarterly basis is still a good idea. It then creates one area that you can focus on for three months and move on to something else in your category. So, I went through each area of my life and decided on one overarching goal that I wanted to achieve this quarter. I’ll dive into more details about monthly goals in those posts.

Working/Learning: Make Progress

This quarter, I just want to make progress in the pursuits that I’m working on from a learning and development standpoint. A couple things I want to specifically focus on are to give my business a brand refresh, restart learning Greek on Duolingo, and find time to read all of the articles I’ve saved.

Friends/Family: Balance Time and Communication

I am really good about keeping in contact with some people and really bad about it with others. This quarter, I really want to make sure I keep in contact with both friends and family on a regular basis. Though it may be a while until I get to see someone in person, I can at least call, FaceTime, text, or write them.

Personal Growth: Consistency on a Weekly and Daily Basis with Passion Projects

This self-isolation period has taught me that I need to find more time in my weekly schedule to work on my passion projects. In addition to blogging and podcasting, I am working through a hand lettering book, writing my own novel, and doing some baking. If I set up time in my schedule for these things to take place, I know I will have a chance to work on them each week without fail and possibly take on another hobby or two.

Fun & Recreation: Relax!

Sometimes I forget how to just zone out and give my mind a break. This period has made me realize how great it is to go outdoors and play games. So, I want to make more time for that this quarter, whether it’s getting outside to hike, or play a daily sudoku game on my phone, just so I can have some mindless relaxation.

Financial: Use What I Have Before I Buy More

Myself, like everyone else, has too much stuff around my house; unread books, half-lit candles, and untouched food in my pantry. So, this quarter, I want to start really using up what I have before I buy more of that item. And if I do end up buying something else, I have to get rid of the old item I’m replacing.

Spiritual/Growth: Do My Established Routines

I’ve established a pretty good morning and evening routine, but actually doing it has fallen by the wayside. This quarter, I want to get back into doing this routines on a daily basis. What’s more, I want to make sure the other routines I’ve created—meal prepping, working out, church—are also carried out.

Health/Wellness: Work on Mental Health Initiatives

This one is a little more personal for me, but I want to work on things this quarter that will help beef up my mental health. Whether it’s journaling or practicing gratitude, I want to make sure that my mental health remains a priority just as my physical health does.

Physical Environment: Spring Cleaning

I put off my deep cleaning action item and decided to make it a goal between now and the end of June. This includes an apartment deep clean, maybe some decor, and some more plants just to really make my space a place that I love.

What are your goals for the next quarter?

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