Hi! My name is Alexa Phillips and welcome to Chronicles of a Content Queen. By day, I work as a marketing content specialist at a Silicon Valley technology company and by night, I am in grad school getting my M.S. in Marketing with an emphasis in Brand Communication in the Digital Era and am the owner of Bright Eyes Creative. In my down time, I am always in search of new passion projects to pursue.

Which brings us to Chronicles of a Content Queen. This is a new avenue for me even thought blogging is not. Over the past seven years (I’m 25), I have had a number of blogs, from Stylenomics 101 as a fashion blog, to Life is Like a Greek Cup of Coffee as a personal blog. I love blogging. I love sharing my thoughts on what I’m loving, what my interests are, and my experiences with anyone who will read them.

That is what this blog will do—share my travel adventures around the world, my cooking and baking escapades, what media (podcasts, books, TV, and movies) I’ve been consuming, commentary on issues (looking at you, vanity sizing), and much much more.

Additionally, I am going to share some of my thoughts over on my very first YouTube channel! I’m nervous yet excited. If you’re interested, check out my channel here.

Want more? Check out my podcast, Badassery, that I do with my sister where we talk about being being a badass and badasses that we know.

Looking forward to interacting with you all and hearing your thoughts!